About the NSW Centenary of Anzac

NSW RemembersFrom 2014 to 2018, Australia  commemorates the Centenary of Anzac – 100 years since our nation’s involvement in the First World War.

It is a time for the NSW community to come together and pay tribute to the first Anzacs and to all the brave servicemen and women who have since followed in their footsteps.

The Centenary is also an opportunity for the current generation to acknowledge those who supported the war from home.

NSW made a major contribution to the overall war effort.  Find out more about NSW’s involvement in the First World War.

A Centenary of Anzac Advisory Council was established to advise the NSW Government on the Centenary Commemoration Program. Members of the Council now act as Ambassadors to support the commemoration of one of the most significant events in our nation’s history.

The NSW Centenary of Anzac Commemoration Program includes ceremonial, educational and cultural activities, with a focus on encouraging community participation. Find out more about the Program.

An interdepartmental committee comprising senior representatives from the NSW Government agencies involved in implementing or managing commemorative activity logistics has been formed to ensure a collaborative approach in the coordination and commemoration of the Centenary of Anzac in NSW. The committee is supported by the Centenary of Anzac Program Management Office in the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

All communities across NSW are encouraged to commemorate a century of service. Local community commemorations, events and activities with links to rich local histories are essential to the spirit of a successful Centenary. There are numerous ways that you can get involved.