Joining Forces – multicultural communities guide

Joining Forces – multicultural communities guide

From 4 August 2014 to 11 November 2018 Australia will recognise and commemorate the Centenary of the First World War and the Anzac legacy.

This is a once in a generation opportunity to reflect on one of the most significant chapters in our country’s history and will enable all Australians to recognise and pay tribute to 100 years of service for our nation.

Joining Forces is a joint initiative between the NSW Government, Sydney Legacy and the Returned and Services League (RSL) NSW Branch which encourages multicultural communities to get involved in this significant commemoration period.

View the list of community groups registered with the Joining Forces initiative.

How communities can get involved

Every community in NSW has an Anzac story to share. For example, approximately 1000 Indian soldiers died at Gallipoli and a high proportion of Jewish Australians enlisted during the world wars.

Migrant communities are encouraged to get involved in this significant chapter in our country’s history by organising their own commemorative activity. Here are some ideas on how your group can get involved:

  • Develop partnerships with local RSL, Legacy and other ex-service groups to gain a greater understanding of the community’s diverse service history.
  • Sell badges with Sydney Legacy ( during Badge Week (31 August to 6 September 2014).
  • Sell poppies for RSL NSW on Remembrance Day (
  • Organise a morning tea following an Anzac Day Service.
  • Lay a wreath at a Remembrance Day Service.

For more suggestions and to help plan your commemorative activities go to the Centenary of Anzac Community Commemoration Guide.


The Centenary is themed as follows:

  • 2014 – Origins and beginnings of the First World War
  • 2015 – Turkey and Gallipoli (2015 is the Year of Turkey)
  • 2016 – France and the Western Front
  • 2017 – Belgium and the Western Front
  • 2018 – Conclusion of the First World War

Funding opportunities

  • Anzac Community Grants – This is a NSW Government grants program that provides educational institutions, ex-service organisations, community groups, local government, museums and historical societies with up to $5,000 for the organising of Anzac-related activities. Further information can be found at Anzac Community Grants Program.
  • Community Builders Website – The Community Builders website at provides a list of funding programs from federal, state and local government, as well as institutions, philanthropic trusts and businesses.
  • Community Building Partnership Program – If initiatives are infrastructure-related the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership program could be of assistance.This program provides State Electorates with $200,000 or $300,000 (amount depends on the socioeconomic status of the Electorate) to spend on local infrastructure projects. Further details are available at
  • NSW Community War Memorial Fund – If your club has an existing war memorial that requires restoration, you can apply for funding from the Community War Memorial Fund. A ‘memorial’ includes public monuments, memorial places, landscaped spaces, buildings and sculptures as well as indoor fixtures such as honour boards, plaques, busts, bas reliefs. Visit for more information.
  • The Multicultural NSW Grants Program – The Program invests in community projects and activities that foster community cohesion and celebrate the unique riches of our culturally diverse state.Further details are available at
  • Local Government – Councils often have grants for local activities and initiatives.
  • Local Business – Local businesses often sponsor community events and initiatives.

Share your story

If you have a great idea, we’d love to hear about it.

The NSW Centenary of Anzac website includes an events portal for community groups to promote upcoming Centenary events.

Community groups are encouraged to promote their events on this state-wide portal.